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I’m a computer programmer who uses design methods to explore problems from user perspectives. I’m also an amateur photographer.

A lot of my work has been to provide infrastructure for digital library collections. I make websites and provide search interfaces for cultural heritage material, and I look for ways to build searches that let people explore in satisfying ways. This has given me lots of practice dealing with real-world datasets with all their inconsistencies, and I’m skilled at helping people set up workflows to extract data from legacy systems, and to query, transform, and load it into new systems from relational to graph databases. I also have experience working with corporate clients and small businesses to better understand their users.

Search, data, and workflow issues appear in lots of different situations, and design methods have been helpful for me to understand the "why" around those issues when I see them in a new environment.

Finally, photography is a long-term interest that lets me explore the world visually. I am currently working on a project about fish hatcheries.