New York

The Problem

Develop a workshop for a conference about "innovation, inspiration, and creativity" in libraries.

The Solution

After conferences like these end, we realized that many participants go home excited and with lots of ideas, only to become disheartened when they tried to convince their coworkers and supervisors to try something new. Because of this we proposed a workshop on persuasive communications—because the more unconventional an idea is, the more it will need to be presented in a persuasive way to get people on board.

A short presentation introduced workshop participants to Robert Cialdini's model of persuasion, and a game we designed allowed workshop participants to practice. The Library Persuasion Game is a game for two players: one plays the role of a persuasive librarian, and the other plays the role of "The Boss". Players improvise an exchange based on a set of 50 idea cards. The persuasive librarians job is to use as many of Chialdini's facets of persuasion as possible, and the boss's job is to push the librarian further by being difficult to convince.

This project was part of the 2014 I2C2 Conference in Manchester, UK.