This space is for work-in-progress with speculative and critical design.

The Problem

Create a tool to help design and development teams build critical skills to reflect on the political and ethical dimensions of their work.

Our Solution

Critical Loop is a multi-player board game that gives players the chance to think beyond technical specifications and discuss the socio-technical aspects of emerging technologies. It includes a variety of sample objects to consider, along with sets of value and affordance cards to help players consider those objects from different perspectives.

Designing the Game

Prototyping began by looking at pre-existing game boards, tokens, and instructions. We sketched out different board game shapes on large sheets of paper, experimenting with rules until a satisfying game began to take shape. Finished elements of the game's graphic design began as small sketches generated during this process. A user testing session gave us feedback on a more refined prototype and led to our final design. The final game includes two decks of cards, a game board, player tokens, and a die that can be printed on a 3d printer.


* This article was co-authored with Kathy Zadrozny. It first appeard in User Experience in Libraries: Yearbook 2017.

** This article first appeard in User Experience in Libraries: Yearbook 2018.