The Problem

Help a large research library use a new approach to documenting its requirements for a backend system migration.

The Solution

Libraries use integrated backend systems to do cataloging, inventory control, purchasing and more. This library found some aspects of of traditional requests for proposals limiting; for example, how they tend to obscure the really important features in a sea of details. Because of this they were interested in experimenting with a new approach.

Service Blueprints are a visual way to summarize end users interactions with a service, including information about their interactions with people or systems, and how people or systems that may be invisible to the end user are actually a key part of the process.

I recommended service blueprints as a way for the library to document its requirements in a high-level way, and I led the creation of a sixteen page set of blueprints to document their requirements for a new backend system.

Design Methods

I used group interviews as a way to solicit information about system requirements. Draft versions of different blueprints provided a concrete representation of that part of the library's system requirements.