The Problem

Explore how reading groups could be a way for designers (and others interested in design) to engage with it more deeply.

Research Process

As part of the programming for a local user group for librarians interested in design, I lead a small reading group. We conducted eight one-on-one interviews with members of that group to learn more about how these librarians see design fitting into libraries and how a reading group might facilitate that.

While I think of design as an academic subject in its own right, many people think of design primarily as a source of frameworks and quick techniques that can be easily integrated into their work. This project helped me clarify that I'm less interested in exploring that aspect of design. At the same time, this was a chance to summarize information on reading groups so that other groups could go in whatever direction they wanted. I think this diversity of approaches is a good thing.

Using human-centered design to better articulate strategy seems to be an easy to overlook way to apply its methods.


* This article first appeard in User Experience in Libraries: Yearbook 2017.